Who we are. Where we came from.

DSG Wealth Management was founded in 2016 by David S. Gordon to accommodate the growing needs of clients in retirement.  David started his career in 2004 at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor.  The investment experience he received through Morgan Stanly was priceless, however he felt there was room for improvement when it came to clients.  David wanted to be a partner and confidant as his clients saved and worked their way toward retirement.  He left Morgan Stanley in 2006 and formed an independent branch of Wachovia Securities Financial Network.  During the Financial Crisis of 2009, with Wachovia’s uncertain future, he opened an Ameriprise Franchise.  After seven years at Ameriprise David felt through greater independence he could improve the overall experience for clients.  In 2016 he partnered with the registered investment advisor, Good Life Advisors and DSG Wealth Management was born.

Since the creation of DSG Wealth Management, Denise Schnader has joined the team as his executive assistant.   She offers world class service to our clients.  At DSG Wealth Management we aim to become lifetime partners with our clients, assisting them as they transition from their working years to their retirement years.

  • David Gordon
    Wealth Advisor
    David Gordon
    Wealth Advisor

    David began his professional career in the mortgage industry after graduating from Ithaca College in 2001. He spent multiple years learning the mortgage market before deciding he wanted to help his clients on the other side of their balance sheet.

    In 2004 David became a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley. He excelled through their training program and after two years at the firm, he decided it was time to break out on his own. In 2006 he opened up a Wachovia Securities franchise office in NJ. Taking an independent approach allowed David to flourish in creating his vision of goal-driven investing. Rather than a one size fits all model, David hand crafts each portfolio to fit his clients goals and objectives.


    While David enjoyed working with Wachovia Securities, the bank got itself in trouble with poorly underwritten mortgages during the housing crisis in 2008. In 2009, David decided to leave Wachovia to shield his clients from potential collateral damage that could result in the bank’s failure. Rather than go to another big Brokerage firm that pushed proprietary products, David decided to join independent broker dealer, Ameriprise Financial, in 2009. As a Financial Advisor/Franchise Owner, David spent more than 7 years fine-tuning his business and concentrating on the clientele he worked with. This concentration allowed him to ensure the white glove service he insisted his clients become accustom to.


    After over 12 years in the investment management business, David decided it was time to break away from the "mainstream" broker dealer and have full autonomy by affiliating with a RIA. In 2016, David started DSG Wealth Management, an independent and professional investment management firm. By becoming an independent Financial Advisor, David gained the ability to continue to offer his clients both world class service and investment advice without big company influence. David strives to put his clients’ interests first. He looks at himself as the shield between them and the big Wall Street product-driven culture.

    Through DSG Wealth management, David will continue to work with high net worth families, assisting with their financial goals. He personally builds every portfolio with the goal of achieving client objectives while mitigating unnecessary risk.

  • Denise Schnader
    Executive Assistant
    Denise Schnader
    Executive Assistant

    Denise is the Executive Assistant for DSG Wealth Management.  She is responsible for all ensuring that account opening, money movement, and account service requests are handled in a timely and efficient manner. Denise is passionate about ensuring that our clients receive top notch service from their advisor.

    Prior to joining Good Life, she worked for a large investment firm in Berwyn, Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. In that role, she was exclusively tasked with opening all accounts, processing all paperwork, organizing a large number of advisors who were associated with the firm, and keeping all three branches of AFG organized and compliant.

    In her spare time, Denise enjoys spending time with family and friends. She and her husband Ken enjoy traveling. 


How we work with clients

Every client has a unique perception of investing and wealth. We all think about money differently.  It is important that your wealth advisor understands how you interpret wealth. Investing is more than meeting twice a year and presenting asset allocations and rates of return. Before working with a client, we have a detailed introductory process.  This allows us to understand your relationship with wealth and what you wish to achieve.  We have a conversation about how you think about investing and what your expectations are. After learning about your experience with saving and investing, we then determine what goals you’re trying to reach. Through discussion, we create a vision of your future and where you see yourself and your family.  The goals we strive to achieve act as the roadmap for our investment strategy.  For this reason, it is important goals are clearly defined.  Once we determine your vision we discuss what actions need to be taken. We then have a conversation about how comfortable you are with those actions.  We will build on this conversation at every check-in.  Having a tried and true formula provides a firm foundation so you can feel confident that we are being thorough and diligent with your wealth and assets.


Investment Process

The most detailed plan still requires the right investment mix to be executed successfully.  Our Investment Models are created to fund the client’s goals, both short and long term. With that in mind, we build Investment Models based on volatility.  We cannot predict future rates of return but using software analytics we can control the volatility of a portfolio.  An example of how this is done is illustrated below:

Lifetime Retirement income is most of our clients’ primary goals.  When analyzing how to fund this we are using two considerations.  First, we must fund monthly income to our client.   This means a portion of the portfolio must be in low volatility assets so that income can be distributed in all Market conditions. Second, we must make sure to provide income to our clients for their entire lives, including annual “pay raises” to offset inflation.  We utilize asset classes that historically provide higher rates of return with higher volatility to accomplish this.  Through algorithmic math, we can determine the most efficient way to couple asset classes and achieve the best risk-adjusted return. 

Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

How is a Wealth Advisor different than a Financial Planner?

A Wealth Advisor works with a select group of households and is involved in most major decisions in their lives.  They aren’t order takers and will push back when they think your decision is contrary to your long-term goals.  Because they have 70-100 households instead of 800 they get to know your family and are involved in the decision process for most life events. They have met with you at your kitchen table, several times.  They don’t fully rely on software to answer your questions but instead incorporate software to their decision-making process.  A Wealth Advisor is a stakeholder in your success, a professional who will fight to make sure your goals are met. For many, a financial planner is just fine but for those who want custom advice with a human component a Wealth Advisor is the answer


How to work with DSG Wealth Management

As a boutique Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are selective with who we work with. This is done to make sure the client/advisor are the right fit for each other and to make sure we can continue to offer world-class service to all clients.